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Accredited CBD Specialist

The Accredited CBD Specialist (ACBDS) credential makes you a recognized expert of CBD health and wellness. CBD Specialists are practitioners with the knowledge to design custom programs for patients. Earning this certification demonstrates advanced...


Certified CBD Consultant

CBD health evolves fast. The Certified CBD Consultant (CCBDC) credential shows that you have the skills to work with clients today — and entertain the research of tomorrow. You’ll gain the confidence to tailor CBD into basic health and wellness...


Minor Phytocannabinoid Specialist

The Minor Phytocannabinoid Specialist (MPS) credential makes you a recognized expert of Phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoid Specialists are formulators, practitioners, researchers...


Accredited Terpene Specialist

The Accredited Terpene Specialist (ATS) credential makes you a recognized expert of terpenes and their health benefits and applications. Terpene Specialists are often practitioners, formulators, and other professionals with the knowledge to better...


Certified Flavonoid Specialist

The Certified Flavonoid Specialist (CFS) credential will give you the expertise in the newly explored world of cannabis flavonoids, their health benefits and the ability to entertain the research of tomorrow. Flavonoid Specialists are formulators...

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