CBD and cannabis are booming. The CBD & Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) captures this ceaseless development and explosive growth as the industry’s leading trade association. We deliver essential resources so that those involved in the industry can share real-world knowledge and experiences. CBDIA nurtures and advances enduring success and awareness – no matter where you are in the industry.

Welcome to our blossoming business arena.

Our Mission

CBDIA empowers professionals in the cannabinoid industry with education, advocacy, and community

Inform – CBDIA informs the industry and the public. We serve as the premier expert resource on trends, technologies, legalities, limitations, developments, and other issues that affect your business. We also demonstrate industry contributions to the economy and public welfare.

Promote – CBDIA promotes common interests, insights, and innovations that affect our industry.  We nourish a community of shared knowledge and resources to benefit everyone. CBDIA elevates awareness and expands knowledge – period.

Protect – CBDIA protects it’s members and the public. We advocate for legal and regulatory environments that benefit our entire industry. Hurdles to progress stand in the way. It’s unavoidable. But CBDIA safeguards industry development and widespread acceptance for its members.