Be A Regional Director

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The Regional Chair is a Director of the Association who directs the regional operations for the region. This includes detailing objectives and giving assistance to the Association Board of Directors, other Regional Chairs, Chapter Presidents, and Members. The DRC shall also coordinate regional activities with the Regional Director Volunteers and provide assistance to the existing chapters in the region; and to potential new chapters being formed. The DRC also represents the interests of the region in all matters of Association importance. The DRC shall be a member of the Association in good standing.

The DRC’s responsibility is to represent the region, and to participate in formulating recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning policies, procedures and operation of the Association and its chapters.

The Director and Regional Chair is fully responsible for assisting in providing objectives; monitoring the operations of chapters in the region; and assuring that the chapters adhere to the requirements of the Association Bylaws and Rules of the Board of Directors and that their operations are carried on in an effective manner to advance the purposes of the Association. Controversial issues involving the chapters or region will be handled through the DRC. The DRC should visit each Chapter at least once during their term. DRC shall attend Association and Regional meetings as required.

The DRC should:

  • Ensure the chapter presidents fully understand the objectives of the Association
  • Attend meetings in another region, if possible
  • Hold a yearly Regional Planning Meeting
  • Assign chapter visits to Regional Officers and the DRC must visit each chapter in the region at least once during the term
  • Establish regional committees
  • Analyze need for new chapters
  • Appoint a Regional Secretary and other Regional positions as required
  • Determine eligibility and approve transportation reimbursement for CRCs, chapter visits and regional planning meetings
  • Notify the Association President of any chapter visit requests
  • Develop and maintain a Region Best Practices Plan and share with the Region Executive and Chapters

All Officers are to be considered serving as Volunteers. Nothing in this SOP manual creates or shall be construed to constitute an employment relationship, partnership, joint venture, or agency relationship between the Company or its affiliates, on the one hand, and the Volunteer, on the other hand, or entitling the Volunteer to control in any manner the conduct of the business of the Association or any of its affiliates.

The Volunteer shall file all tax returns and reports required to be filed by the Volunteer on the basis that the Volunteer is a volunteer rather than an employee. The Volunteer shall pay in full all applicable taxes in connection with the Volunteer’s performance of any Volunteer Services under this Agreement, including federal, state, and local income taxes. The Company shall not pay any unemployment or workers’ compensation taxes or premiums on behalf of or regarding the Volunteer.

CBDIA Director Regional Chair Volunteer