Cannabinoid Sports Specialist (CSS)

The Cannabinoid Sports Specialist (CSS) credential will give expert knowledge into the research and development of the ongoing study into the role cannabinoids can play within sports science. From increased performance to heightened recovery, cannabinoids are proving to show exciting possibilities in aiding athletes and active folks alike. A Cannabinoid Sports Specialist will possess the knowledge, insight, and ability to implement different cannabinoids into varying sports-related applications and stands to solidify themselves in a solid professional position as cannabinoids become more widely accepted in both professional and amateur sports through treatments, training and functional applications.

2 hour Course
4 Session credits (2 Required panel sessions)
Video Proctored Exam: 20 multiple choice questions
8 CEUs per year for renewal

Technical Requirements: Renewal courses must be designated by the Cannabinoid Industry Association. Certification prospects have two opportunities to pass their exams, after which they must retake the required course. Session unit requirements must be fulfilled at CBD Expo Conferences.


Current Course Instructor & Curriculum Creator


Luis Enrique Weyback, M.D.
and James Schwartz

Past Course Instructors & Curriculum Creator

Event and Date:

CBD EXPO South – July 9th, 10th, & 11th, 2020 from 2pm to 4pm


CannaFarm Con & Concentration 2020– Friday, August 20, 2020 from 2pm to 4pm


CWCBExpo / CBDIA Certification Training – October 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2020 from 2pm to 4pm


CBD EXPO West– Friday, Nov 13, 2020 from 2pm to 4pm


CBD EXPO Southeast– Friday, Dec 4, 2020 from 2pm to 4pm


CBD Expo MIDWEST & CannaFarm CON – Hemp Edition – Friday, March 26, 2021 from 2pm to 4pm

Please note: dates and times are subject to change