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Cannabis vs. 2020 Presidential Platforms

Colby McCoy
Written by Colby McCoy

The legalization of cannabis has managed to thrust itself into the political conversation within the last decade in a big way. In 2012, Colorado and Washington were the first two states to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. A slew of states have followed Colorado and Washington’s example.

Although we have seen a great deal of progress at the state level, the U.S. still continues to classify cannabis as an illegal substance. With the 2020 election rapidly approaching and a field jam packed with candidates ranging from young to old, many voters may wonder what their stance is on cannabis legalization. In today’s article we will cover each candidate’s position on cannabis to keep you up to date.

Pres. Donald Trump — President Trump has maintained that legalization of cannabis should be left to state legislatures and the federal government should remain uninvolved.

V.P. Joe Biden — Biden’s position on cannabis has changed in recent years. Originally, candidate Biden supported mandatory minimums for cannabis possession but has since changed his position and instead supports legalization at the state level.

Sen. Bernie Sanders — Supports full decriminalization of cannabis as well as expunging of criminal records.

Andrew Yang — Yang has openly stated that he supports the legalization of cannabis.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg — Buttigieg has shown supports fully decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren — Warren has proposed the Marijuana Justice Act, which would decriminalize cannabis and expunge criminal records.

Rep. Beto O’Rourke — Beto O’Rourke has been a long-time advocate of legalizing cannabis.

Sen. Corey Booker — Supports expunging criminal records and full legalization of cannabis.

Secy. Julian Castro — Supports expunging criminal records and full legalization of cannabis.

Sen. Kamala Harris — Harris has called for a full legalization of cannabis at the federal level.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar — Klobuchar’s position on cannabis is a bit more ambiguous. She hasn’t commented specifically on cannabis but has been rated to have a ‘hard on drugs’ stance.

Although this list doesn’t cover all of the candidates currently running, the candidates listed here are the front runners in terms of polling data.

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