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CBDIA Opens Colorado Chapter with Strong Leadership

Written by Paul James

With cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabis products sweeping the nation, there’s a large demand for a sense of leadership and direction for the industry. The Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) aims to lead the movement moving forward.

CBDIA’s primary goal is to offer essential resources to those who are directly involved in the industry. The purpose of this goal is to share knowledge and experiences when it comes to CBD and other cannabis products as well as advancing and securing the success and education of this industry.

Recently, CBDIA has started opening chapters across the United States and Latin America. However, it’s in Denver, Colorado where their flagship chapter is going to take place. CBDIA has taken note from a number of other associations and now strives to bring their goals to a local level – hoping to provide a better sense of community.

Within Denver, CBDIA will be providing the area with further education and resources while advocating for safety and growth within that area’s sector of the cannabis industry. This may prove to be vital at a national level as Colorado is, in many regards, the heart that has shaped the industry. Not only was the state the first to legalize cannabis for recreational use, but it was also one of the earliest providers of hemp products before the 2018 Farm Bill.

With CBDIA opening this new chapter, Coloradans can expect:

  • Insight into Colorado’s rules and regulations surrounding hemp and CBD.
  • Assistance in lobbying efforts at a local level.
  • Valuable resources and networking opportunities within the cannabis industry.

Jazmin Oliver, the Regional Chair and Denver Chapter President, will be in charge of running this new chapter. In many regards, she is a pioneer of the hemp industry and extremely passionate about making hemp and CBD products more widely available. She’s already developed her own products, from crude oils to distillates to isolates, and – through a degree in interdisciplinary studies of medicine and public health – she hopes to spread the word and help in efforts of elevating this industry.

In such an unregulated industry like cannabis, organizations such as CBDIA are essential in forming the future of the marketplace and public perception. While it’s always been known that this is essential, especially for cannabis, it’s often forgotten how quickly this industry is developing.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/r6BdUpN_iSk

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