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Confusion over Iowa CBD oil laws

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DES MOINES – There’s even more confusion over whether it’s legal or not to sell and possess CBD oil and products. Now, hundreds of people are caught in the middle.

Representative Jarad Klein said, “the passage of this bill will explicitly make those hemp CBD products available for retail sale available in Iowa,” when hemp legislation was passed.

Since then, Governor Reynolds signed the bill into law but now she’s arguing that the new law does not legalize the retail sale of CBD.

Erica Holland is known as the detox artist. “I’m a health leaning person who is looking for choices to make a better lifestyle.” On her website, she showcases the benefits of using CBD. “I personally have experienced a better sense of well being.”

Holland doesn’t just share the benefits, she also sells CBD from the comfort of her home. “I also carry CBD creams and CBD lotions and I am distributing those presently online.”

So is Holland’s practice legal? Governor Reynolds says no. The Iowa Department of Ag agrees with her.

But Holland says there is no language in the law that says CBD can’t be retailed. “I don’t think Governor Reynolds has any ill intentions on it, I think maybe there is just a little hesitation in perhaps a lack of understanding of the final end product.”

When Local 5 On Your Side reached out to the Iowa State Board of Health, they were backing up the governor. In a statement they say,  Iowa’s regulations are intended to protect consumers from products claiming to contain CBD … the regulations are also there to protect consumers since there is no way for consumers to truly know what they’re buying in an unregulated, over-the-counter product.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig understands there are many Iowans interested in diversifying CBD, but he says the law is the law.

“Very specific controls around that and again we are going to have to work with the USDA,” Secretary Naig said.

Naig went on to say that per federal law, no products that you ingest are legal. No one will be able to grow industrial hemp until 2020. The USDA will release its own regulations this fall.

Original Article: https://www.weareiowa.com/news/local-news/confusion-over-iowa-cbd-oil-laws/2004704128

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