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Consumers’ Lack of Knowledge When It Comes to Cannabinoid Dosing

Written by Derek Johnson

Cannabinoid use is on the rise worldwide, and, every year, more and more new users are consuming the plant. And although we are in a very explosive age of information, a recent study has shown that many cannabis consumers demonstrate a lack of knowledge regarding the products they use.

With many consumable products on the market, consumers benefit greatly by knowing the content breakdown of what these products contain. Having this and understanding this knowledge allows consumers to make informed and smarter choices when consuming these products.

Cannabinoid products in the legal retail world also come with labels, which, most importantly, include the quantity (usually in mg) or percentage of cannabinoids in the product. That said, a survey conducted at a cannabis advocacy event determined that cannabis users are often mistaken as to these actual numbers.[1]

When asked about what they believed were high and low cannabinoid contents regarding tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), the respondents estimated far higher amounts than what is actually the case. They responded that high cannabinoid content meant 52% THC and 53% CBD. And for low cannabinoid content, they said 28% and 30% for THC and CBD, respectively.[1]

What this means is that when these users consume products with 28% THC or 30% CBD, they believe they are consuming products with a low cannabinoid context. However, this is not the case. Products with these percentages are considered high in cannabinoid content.

It is important that the public understand the weight of these percentages so as to avoid unwanted effects from the products they consume. Education by cannabusinesses is a good place to start, especially on the part of retailers. Making sure customers understand what low and high cannabinoid content truly are will help keep customers safe and happy.

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