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Does CBD Cause Grogginess?

Lisa Rennie
Written by Lisa Rennie

While both THC and CBD are two of the more abundant and prominent cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, they are chemically different. More specifically, THC and CBD may both possess medicinal properties with some ailments that they treat overlapping, but they don’t have the same effect on the mind. The question is, can CBD make you groggy?

Simply put, CBD does not cause grogginess. [1] In fact, CBD does not make you feel tired at all. While it may help to relieve anxiety and reduce stress, it does not cause the type of dazed state that THC is associated with. The exact way that CBD makes a person feel differs from one individual to another. It relaxes the mind and body to induce a state of calm and relaxation without causing grogginess.

Having said that, full-spectrum CBD might have sedative effects if the THC content within the product is over 0.3%. Consumers should verify the exact cannabinoid profile in the CBD product they are using to determine if there is any potential for sedation.

Research suggests that CBD may serve as an effective sleep aid in those who suffer from poor-quality sleep. [2] While more work is needed to fully understand CBD’s role in promoting better sleep, it is suggested that the cannabinoid’s ability to alleviate pain and anxiety – both of which can hinder a person’s ability to fall asleep – may help contribute to more restful sleep. A body that is free of anxiety and pain is able to experience better sleep.

Further, CBD may help influence the sleep-wake cycle thanks to its interaction with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. This system is tasked with regulating several functions in the body, including sleep. When CBD is consumed, it can help a person fall asleep more quickly, improve quality of sleep, and minimize sleep disturbances. Better-quality sleep can help you wake up feeling energized rather than tired from lack of sleep.

Studies on CBD and its effect on sleep are still in their infancy, but the findings thus far – as well as anecdotal evidence – suggest that CBD may be an effective sleep aid without causing any excessive sleepiness or grogginess during the day.

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