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How CBD is Revolutionizing Athletic Performance

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CBD is growing increasingly valuable to athletics, and this is because of its ability to speed up recovery – a problem that every serious athlete or fitness enthusiast knows about. For starters, CBD can be used by anybody, so it’s not just sports people who benefit from it. Anybody coming home tired and sore can probably benefit from having a few drops of CBD oil added to their bath water, or used directly on the affected area.

CBD Quickens Recovery

CBD works as an anti-inflammatory, and this is what makes it so useful to athletes. Too much exercise creates stress in the body, and this is mostly evidenced by inflammation and soreness. CBD actually prevents inflammation through a complex network known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Cannabidiol suppresses the elements that cause swelling and soreness, and it releases more of the sleep hormone, melatonin, and with enhanced sleep comes faster recovery.

CBD Boosts Performance

Cannabidiol not only prevents inflammation, it also contributes to higher performance by reducing anxiety and boosting focus. Pro-athletes use it before competitions to reduce the fretting and most people report improved performance, particularly people who suffer from anxiety during competitions. With improved focus, sports people are more prepared to make split-second decisions.

CBD Treats Pain and Prevents Brain injury

Following an intense workout, the joints and muscles may develop pain temporarily. This problem can get compounded when you have to work out every single day despite increasing pain. Taking CBD before a workout can reduce the impact that working out may have on your body, and it reduces pain significantly. Cannabidiol works within the body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce pain and inflammation, and it can be used before and after a workout in order to reduce the chance of injury.

In the case of brain injury, the anti-inflammatory effect also means that swellings won’t appear in your brain following an injury. This is important for contact sports because of the high chance of tissue damage and the implications thereof. A standard dose of 60 mg cannabidiol is enough to treat a bump to the head, and you can take it more than once for better healing.

CBD Users Pass Drug Tests

Drug testing in sports is no joke, and pro-athletes wouldn’t even touch this stuff if it showed up in drug tests. CBD is nothing like marijuana because there is no psychoactive component. It does not make you high, and it definitely does not show up in drug tests. The important thing to remember is that pure CBD oil contains the lowest possible amounts of THC; however, it’s always wise to check where you’re getting your product. Avoid low-priced CBD, because you might not be able to verify its quality.

Try Using CBD for Sports Recovery

The majority of experienced athletes who use CBD every day (30 mg or more) report better sleep, improved focus, less pain, reduced inflammation, and a number of other things that make performance better. For instance, the angst that comes before a big game can be distracting even for experienced athletes; which is perfect because CBD kills anxiety. High stress levels can lead to muscle degradation caused by having too much cortisol in the blood. Using CBD reduces cortisol levels and creates the right conditions for building muscle, staying active, and preventing inflammation.

Who Uses CBD?

You’ll be surprised by the number of people using cannabidiol for pain relief, muscle soreness, and to enhance performance. Sports leagues are investing in CBD and you can see it with NNFL players, MMA fighters, boxers, sprinters, etc.  These are just a few of the main sports where CBD is popular. Remember, CBD has to come from hemp, not marijuana; otherwise it might have higher-than-normal THC levels and that would make it illegal.

Post-workout recovery is crucial to maintaining top performance, and that’s why athletes need ways to speed it up. It also helps that CBD prevents muscle breakdown and balances processes such your sleep/wake cycle, appetite, mood, and clarity of mind. With all these benefits, it’s clear why pro-athletes would be interested in cannabidiol. CBD does not create a dependency, so if you’re worried it will become a bad habit, don’t worry, it won’t.

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