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Is Your CBD Business Operating Illegally?

Join the CBDIA for exclusive updates with our lobbyist Mr. Romani for the most current state of CBD laws in America.

You came into this business with a burning passion to help and heal.  You joined a community of builders, a network of “doers”, a collective of resourceful pioneers. And the Cannabinoid Industry Association supports all aspects of this community. In December 2018 we celebrated the Farm Bill that declassified hemp as a Schedule I controlled substance and legalized its production across the nation.

But recently, like so many of our colleagues, you may be wondering if it was all a dream.

In case you haven’t heard, CBD product legality is in question once again. A provision in the Farm Bill of 2018 places CBD distribution in conflict with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.  The short story: CBD cannot be sold in food or as a supplement because it appears as an ingredient in Epidiolex, an FDA approved pharmaceutical drug.

So, if you’re marketing your CBD product as a supplement or as an edible food component, you are technically operating illegally.

And not only that, this provision allows the FDA to remain “hands-off” in providing the regulatory framework that is so desperately needed in the CBD industry.  This continues to jeopardize market stability for so many important facets of the cannabinoid marketplace–it impacts farmers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers.

But, thank goodness for our community.  We are better together.

You know, the community of builders, doers, and resourceful pioneers that you’ve joined?  We aren’t going to take this sitting down. Romano Romani, Capitol Hill lobbyist and CBDIA Advisory board member, provides the latest on the action that is already being taken.

At the beginning of 2020 a bipartisan coalition led by Collin Peterson, Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, proposed a bill that amends the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act so that CBD is included and allowed for approved sale as part of the defined dietary supplements.  The bill provides a simple, easy solution to the dilemma of CBD legality.

The Cannabinoid Industry Association is on board.  Having lobbyists like Romano Romani in our corner helps to guide our next steps.  You can help.

Successfully moving this bill through the legislative bodies is what the industry needs most right now. Not only would it solidify CBD’s place in the letter of the law, but it would also set compliance and regulatory oversight into motion.

So much of the time we feel lost and vulnerable in the shifting landscape of cannabinoid industry development.  So often it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where we can make a difference.

 Well, today is not that day.  

Today holds a moment for you to take actionable steps to push our industry forward. The CBD marketplace is counting on you!  Show your support of Congressman Peterson’s proposed bill (H. R. 5587).  Let your representatives know where you stand on the issue.

Help the CBDIA Light a Fire Under the FDA!  Let’s get Bill H. R. 5587 passed.  Call your Senator and Congressperson today!

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