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Japanese Company Reportedly Creates Orange Peel-Derived CBD

Colby McCoy
Written by Colby McCoy

TOKYO, JAPAN – As the CBD craze continues unabated, exciting CBD products are continuously coming to the fore. Hiro International, a Tokyo based fruit juice and fruit importer, has developed a workaround to stringent regulations on THC percentages in CBD products. Their solution – 100% THC-free CBD derived from orange peels. While CBD markets have continued to grow in Japan, THC remains highly controversial and taboo. The company’s orange-based CBD is an ingenious solution to Japan’s anti-cannabis societal mores.

The product line was unveiled to the public at Cosme Tokyo, a large cosmetic fair. According to company spokesperson Ryousuke Koseki, Hiro International’s proprietary CBD products are an answer to looming consumer concerns with the legality of CBD, where illegal levels of THC have been found across multiple CBD products. As Koseki put it, their product “…also provides a different story of CBD for the consumer that sounds better than being derived from the marijuana plant.” Indeed, the company currently has multiple orange peel CBD products under development, including prototypes for a lip balm, body lotion, make-up remover, and hair care product.

From an American perspective, where stigmas related to CBD have begun to rapidly decay, a product of this type might not seem all that special amongst an infinitude of other CBD products available today. For countries with stringent anti-cannabis laws and entrenched cultural distrust of cannabis, this product from Hiro International has the potential to be a total game changer. Since their product lacks any ties to the cannabis plant whatsoever, the company has managed to find a way of circumnavigating an often hotly debate issue.

Although this product is marketed only in Japan, it opens the door to other innovative product solutions that will revolutionize the way in which we think about CBD. Perhaps, CBD does not have to be tied directly to cannabis after all – which gives a lot of folk’s access to a treatment solution previously banned due to its controversial history.

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