Director of Extraction Operations

Full Time
Florence County
Posted 2 years ago

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Director of Extraction Operations:
Position Summary:  The ideal Director of Extraction Operations candidate will have experience in extraction laboratory and product quality as well as the ability to organize the manufacture and production of post cultivation products. The Director will oversee all inventory and allocation of product, production resources and testing phases of extraction.

Extraction Operations:
Ability to operate X40 MSE, supercritical, ethanol and distillation extraction equipment.
Conduct post extraction processing steps, laboratory testing analysis and assist in company product formulations of various types
Maintain, update and create SOPs as needed to ensure a safe and compliant operation
Responsible for operation, calibration, and optimization of company lab equipment.
Oversee preparation of plant material for decarboxylation and the preparation of equipment and plant material for extractions
Perform and train and, train others on laboratory techniques including distillation, solvent-based extraction, evaporation, and general laboratory techniques.
Responsible for the full spectrum of CBD extraction and total operation of the extraction laboratory, more specifically, for extraction of CBD oil and over all Hemp Processing Operations.
Record and track accurate weights and measurements of the product and raw materials throughout processing and packaging procedures using company systems and protocols.
Demonstrate responsibility, accountability, and dependability toward assigned tasks and duties.
Maintain laboratory equipment performance by establishing quality standards
Develop operations, quality, and troubleshooting procedures
Arrange equipment service, repair and replacement.
Be able to occasionally lift up to 50 pounds.
Generate and issue Certificate of Analysis documents following final reviews.
Preserve quality control measures to ensure a high-quality product.

Oversee safe and efficient operation of a extraction processing lab
Implement processes and systems to maximize laboratory efficiency and effectiveness. Work with team members to develop and implement robust process monitoring for the production of raw hemp materials, intermediates, and APIs.
Oversee daily production and scheduling needs and assign resources as needed.
Develop strategies to increase productivity and production
Ability to communicate clearly and directly, engage people and help them understand change
Develop and maintain extraction/infusion operations by initiating, coordinating and enforcing standard operational policies and procedures.
Prior supervisory experience providing and seeking feedback.
Ensure staff compliance; arranging equipment replacement, service, and repair.
Advise on the impacts of management decisions relating to all processes.
Generate reports which must include Lab performance, expenses, and current operations.
Responsible for all materials & equipment, including material safety data sheets for all chemicals and products.
Maintain inventory of supplies, on hand quantities and reorder points.
Ensure full compliance with all State and Federal regulations.
Adhere to all laboratory policies and procedures, including cGMP, GLP standards, and ISO-17025.
Ability to work independently and in a continually changing environment.

Position reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer with supervision responsibilities over both the Extraction Supervisor and the Manufacturing Manager

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