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Leading CBD brands in the U.S. still have some inaccurate dosages

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Dosage is very important for cannabis products. The accuracy of them allows people to understand how the drug and its compounds interact with their bodies, helping to prevent overdoses and providing a point of reference when trying new brands and strains.

A recent report found that 27 per cent of leading CBD brand products in the U.S. don’t contain the dosages they indicate in their labels. The percentage is worrisome, but is nonetheless one that has improved over the past couple of months.

The report, issued by Leaf Report, analyzed the U.S. CBD industry and compiled the biggest names in the business. From this list, Leaf Report then selected 37 different kinds of CBD products and tested them for their cannabinoid potency.

About 27 per cent of them showed variances in claims versus potency, discrepancies to a degree that wouldn’t be not be acceptable by states with legal cannabis standards. The rest of the products fared better, making researchers conclude the CBD industry is growing and cementing itself as something more reliable.

CBD isn’t regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), likely a main factor behind the inaccuracy in these labels. Brands are responsible for everything about their products, from making them to ensuring they’re safe and labeling them correctly. Whether or not these are common problems for an emerging industry, the situation does make it more difficult for smaller businesses to find steady footing.

Brands are responsible for everything about their products, from making them to ensuring they’re safe and labeling them correctly. / Photo: PrathanChorruangsak / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Most important, lack of FDA regulation makes it imperative for customers to be careful with their purchases. They must be particularly vigilant to select brands that they can trust, supply them with data that ensures product safety, and demonstrate it was tested by third-party experts.

Despite the bumps, the report has a positive outlook on the CBD industry. Researchers have expressed that they were surprised by the numbers they found and by the overall accuracy of the leading brands in the U.S. industry.

If you find a new CBD brand that appeals to you and that has an attractive price, be sure to check it and to do your research. It pays to be safe while the industry remains so new.

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