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Ocean Spray launches CarryOn sparkling CBD water in Colorado

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Ocean Spray has launched a range of sparkling CBD waters in Colorado through its new CarryOn brand.

Two flavours are available, Elevate and Descend. Elevate blends choline 10mg of CBD to provide natural energy, while Descend combines L-Theanine and 20mg of CBD to aid relaxation.

Both Elevate and Descend contain 10 calories per 11.5 fl-oz can, provide vitamins C & E, and contain no added sugar.

The CarryOn brand was developed by Ocean Spray’s Lighthouse Incubator, which was created by the cooperative last year to accelerate the development of accessible health and wellness-focused innovations.

Josh Wiesman, co-developer of CarryOn brand, said: “We believe mental wellbeing should be as second nature as physical fitness, and so we set out to create a CBD beverage that provides real functional benefits like focus and relaxation. We understood there was a gap in the market for a trustworthy CBD beverage that tastes good, and also helps calm the mind without unwanted side effects. So, we set out to solve that gap with the CarryOn brand.

“No one should ever be made to feel bad or ostracized for prioritizing their mental wellness. Our brand is dedicated to support in a meaningful way.”

Both drinks are available from selected retailers in Colorado, with a suggested retail price of $4.99.

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