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Celeste Miranda


The inspiration for and design on the CBDIA is inextricably tied to Celeste Miranda, who works tirelessly for progress on all fronts. Miranda is steeped in the cannabis industry and like many others, tapped into the wonders of cannabinoids by the challenges brought on through personal experience. Members of the CBDIA receive direct benefits from her efforts of science-backed research and education that she has initiated through numerous journals, curriculum, and conferences/expos.

Philanthropically, Miranda has funded the CBDIA to continue her mission to educate, inform, and promote cannabinoids.

Our Team

Graciela Moreno

Graciela Moreno

Executive Director


Maribel Vergel De Dios

Director of Social Media Strategies


Mark Herrick, Esq.

General Counsel

Corporate Paralegal. Gene Lee

Gene Lee

Corporate Paralegal

Aamir Iqbal

Website Developer



Website Developer

Gaddi Rodriguez

Email Designer