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The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) has named Graciela Moreno the Director of Member Engagement.

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Pismo Beach, CA, October 17, 2019 – The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) has named Graciela Moreno the Director of Member Engagement.

Moreno, who has been in the cannabinoid space since 2014 has played a signifiant role in furthering the industry as President of Med-Cannabis Pharma and and then Editor-in-Chief of CannaInvestor Magazine. She currently owns La Dulce Vida CBD.

“We are extremely grateful for Gracie’s creativity, drive and passion,” commented CBDIA Founder, Celeste Miranda. “Her member facing experience and ambition, coupled with her detailed knowledge and inner workings of our industry, are a winning combination for tackling so many of the engagement activities she will spearhead. She is truly a person who is committed to finding new and creative ways to get members more involved in the association, and I believe her tenacity alone will help us reach new levels of success.”

As Vice President of Member Engagement, Moreno will be tasked with establishing new levels of member involvement, both large and small, while continuing to work alongside each of the departments within the association. As a key member of the operations team, Graciela will work to expand the various areas of engagement ranging from business offered services and programs to a plethora of arranged discount membership offerings and ambassador programs.

“I’m excited to begin this journey to further our industry through the amazing things that CBDIA is doing. We will continue to be trailblazers in the development of all standards, while maintaining an active membership engagement,” said Moreno.

“Everything is moving so fast in this space. While we are busy with new memberships and our certificated education programs, Graciela will fill the gap of ensuring our current membership is well serviced with plentiful benefits,” said Heidi Sewell, CBDIA Executive Director.

About the CBD Industry Association:

The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) captures the ceaseless development and explosive growth as the cannabinoid industry’s leading trade association. They deliver essential resources so that those involved in the industry can share real-world knowledge and experiences. CBDIA nurtures and advances enduring success and awareness – no matter where you are in the industry.

CBDIA was founded by Celeste Miranda who leads Celeste Miranda & Associates as well as MACE Media Group (MMG). MMG is a leader in the cannabinoid publishing and event space, publishing Terpenes & Testing Magazine, Extraction Magazine, CBD Health & Wellness,
TOPICAL Magazine and the Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine. The produce The CBD Expo Tour, CannaFarm Con and CONCENTRATION Conferences. Please refer to the website to see members of the Board of Advisors, chaired by Michael Brubeck of Centuria.

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CBD and cannabis are booming. The CBD & Cannabinoid Industry Association (CBDIA) captures this ceaseless development and explosive growth as the industry’s leading trade association

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