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The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) Proudly Welcomes D.C. Lobbyist Romano Romani, Ph.D. as a Member of its Advisory Board

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Pismo Beach, CA, April 16, 2020 – The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) proudly welcomes Romano Romani, Ph.D. as a member of its advisory board. Romani will take the lead on representing the CBD Industry, through CBDIA, on “the hill” in D.C.

Romani brings with him decades of lobbying experience in the halls of congress alongside a passionate pursuit of progressing the future of the CBD industry. He has been instrumental in getting H.R.5587 in front of key policy makers at the highest level. This bill, now in line to be approved by the US Congress, is a significant step in amending the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to ease regulations on CBD and CBD containing substances.

The influence and clout that Romani directly brings to the CBDIA is evident through his current efforts to fundamentally change the Federal stance on hemp products alongside a decade spent as Legislative Director and Staff Director for two former Senators. He was previously a Professor of Political Science and holds a Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University as well. The many proficiencies he possesses are certain to have a direct impact on the CBDIA and his personal efforts may very well end up shaping the very substance of the CBD and cannabis industries moving forward.

“We are tremendously grateful to have Mr. Romani as a member of our Advisory Board,” remarked CBDIA Executive Director, Graciela Moreno. “His political and legislative experience is a welcome and much needed asset towards furthering our reach and influence at a level that can candidly change our industry for the better. He provides us with a working knowledge of how to lobby and promote our efforts into empowering the industry with education and advocacy.”

Romani is also personally intrigued by the hemp and CBD industries and sees great potential in the near future. “I am excited to contribute my knowledge and experience as part of the CBDIA while continuing efforts to change Federal positioning on the regulations surrounding hemp-derived products,” he states.

In the steadily progressing world of hemp and cannabis regulations, Romani adds substantial authority to expand the effectiveness of the CBDIA while promoting and pursuing key changes in the laws and regulations that will shape the scope of the industry.

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