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The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) Proudly Welcomes Priscilla P. Agoncillo as its new President of the Board of Advisors

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Pismo Beach, CA, May 21, 2020 – The CBD Industry Association (CBDIA) proudly welcomes Priscilla P. Agoncillo as its new President of the Board of Advisors.

Priscilla P. Agoncillo brings a passion for advocacy and abundant experience that will benefit the association and industry at large. As a prominent business advisor serving the cannabinoid industry for over 15 years, Ms. Agoncillo has expertise in business strategy, branding, and business development with a thorough background in banking, private equity, sales and entertainment.

As a cannabinoid advocate, Priscilla has appeared countless times as a public speaker for patient rights, law reform, and cannabis business insight on various newspapers, television, radio programs, and industry conferences.

Ms. Agoncillo served as the Campaign Field Director of Proposition 19, the first initiative to tax and legalize cannabis for the state of California, helping pave the legal pathway for the most significant legal cannabis market in the world. Priscilla also served the California Hemp Association and Foundation advising, conducting R&D and developing some of the first large-scale commercial hemp farms in California. This familiarity and proficiency in cannabis and hemp politics adds serious significance to her role within the CBDIA.

Ms. Agoncillo is Co-Owner of OBL Biodynamic Farms, a multiple award-winning licensed cannabinoid breeding farm & Co-Founder of the Original Breeders League – an organization created to gather top-performing cannabinoid breeders from around the world to collaborate in comprehensive and commercially-driven cannabis and hemp breeding projects. These projects have helped to develop various international companies throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, California, USA.

Ms. Agoncillo currently serves as the Chief Business Officer for Mandara Pharma Inc., a Canadian/Colombian based cannabinoid pharmaceutical company and has helped form and direct a global business strategy spanning across North America, LATAM, Australia and Europe.

“We are very excited and ever thankful for Priscilla’s involvement with the CBDIA,” says the association’s founder, Celeste Miranda. “Her background in business strategy and politics will serve as a solid resource for our members and community. She will make a great leader for our rapidly expanding association.”

Graciela Moreno, Executive Director of the CBDIA adds, “Ms. Agoncillo has vast knowledge in many aspects of the cannabinoid industry and we couldn’t be happier to have her take the reigns as President of the Board. Her insight and expertise are sure to prove tremendously valuable and the intrigue of her international involvement is apparent as the industry develops around the globe.”

Ms. Priscilla Agoncillo intimately understands the needs and trends of the domestic and global cannabinoid industry. As President of the Board of CBDIA, her experience will help guide CBDIA members to establish their businesses successfully in emerging markets, navigate through continually evolving regulations and help members strategically prepare and position their businesses for success within the growing cannabinoid industry through education, advocacy and the CBDIA’s highly esteemed community of cannabinoid professionals.

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