The CBN Market: Did We Think it Would Be Bigger?

Written by Derek Johnson

The market for the cannabinol, (CBN), was predicted by some to catch fire like the CBD market. However, the cannabinoid has made a big economic impact, yet.

What Is CBN?

Cannabinol is a curious cannabinoid in that it is not generated by the cannabis plant. Instead, it is produced when the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) breaks down upon exposure to oxygen and UV light. Although CBN has psychoactive properties, it is only about 1/4th as strong as THC in that respect. What CBN is known for is its “sleepiness effect.” When taken, it is known to cause drowsiness.

The CBN Market

Sleep problems are widespread in modern society. According to the Center for Disease Control, one in three adults don’t get enough sleep. Sleep-deprived individuals are more likely to suffer from the most damaging health problems of the modern world, including coronary heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Because of the ubiquity of sleep issues, the sleep-relief market is massive. It generates billions of dollars annually. With revenue that high, it’s no wonder a lot of excitement has been generated around CBN and its potential to treat sleep disorder.

However, over the past few years, cannabidiol (CBD) and THC have been the cannabis market superstars. Both have created billions of dollars in revenue for the emerging cannabis industry, while CBN has yet to truly take off.

The important word here is “yet.” The cannabis market is still young, and its potential for growth, which is largely found in not-yet-tapped cannabinoids, such as CBN, will eventually be unleashed. Once the market has settled into the popular cannabinoids (THC and CBD), it will most definitely expand as the cannabis plant continues to be researched, and this is when CBN will likely make its mark.

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